Tutorials & Pattern Support

This page contains help and tutorials to support my patterns. I will be adding information regularly.

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Knitting With Beads - a video showing how to add beads to your knitting using a crochet hook.


Lace Knitting Tutorials

How to read your lace knitting - free lesson from the Successful Lace Knitting Course

Shaping while keeping the lace pattern correct

Circular Cast Ons - Emily Ocker & Disappearing Loop Cast-ons

Reading & Understanding a Pattern for Top Down Triangular & Half Hexagon Shawls

Using Lifelines - How lifelines can make your knitting easier.

Slipping Stitches - How to slip stitches correctly at the beginning of rows to create a neat edge.

Elongated Cross Stitch - a video demonstrating how to work the elongated cross stitch pattern.

Crochet chain cast off - a video demonstrating how to do the crochet chain cast.

Choosing a lace pattern - a blog post with advice for new lace knitters on choosing your first lace pattern.

Loopy Edging

How to make a shawl bigger or smaller.

Double decreases at the beginning and end of pattern repeats.

Garter Tab Cast On includes the Turkish Cast On.

De-mystifying Charts.

Will I have enough yarn?

 Various Yarn Overs

Cast on the same numer of stitches, increase at the same rate, create three very different shapes.

Improve the look of your lace knitting

Neat Colour Changes

How to shape the Carnival shawl

Short Rows in a Lace Pattern - Amelie

Adding beads using the crochet hook method - Ma Belle

Knitted on Edging - Single Join

Russian Grafting

Invisible Provisional Cast On

Estonian Star Stitch - The Lido Shawl


Blocking Videos

How to block a triangular shawl

How to block a crescent shawl

How to block a large crescent shawl

How to block Carnival - an unusual shape shawl

How to block a peaked asymmetrical crescent shawl - Troms

How to block a rectangular shawl - Las Salinas

How to block the Daymer Bay poncho

How to block the Trenance lace sweater

Blocking the Valetta Shawl

Blocking the Vinstra Shawl

Blocking the Luna (WYS Exquisite Lace) Top


How To Fix Mistakes in Lace Knitting

How to fix a dropped stitch in a finished shawl. 

Knit Surgery

Finishing mistakes in lace knitting - dropped or missed yarn overs.

Unpicking stitches and rows of stocking stitch and lace knitting.

Fixing Dropped Lace Stitches

Fixing Lace Mistakes

How to fix a dropped stitch in lace knitting


Sock Knitting Tutorials

Grafting Stitches Using Kitchener Stitch

Magic Loop


Knitting Surgery

How to alter your garment by cutting off the extra fabric.

Sweater Surgery - Part 1 and Part 2


General Knitting Tutorials

Magic Loop

'So you want to be a sample knitter?' - a blog post with advice for knitters who wish to become a sample knitter for designers.

How to work the Russian Cast/Bind Off (Stretchy Cast/Bind Off) - a blog post which includes instructions for how to work a stretchy cast/find off.

Travel Knitting - Top tips for travel knitting including taking your knitting on a plane.

Sharing Patterns

Does fear hold you back?

How to deal with a pattern problem  - What to do when you get stuck on a pattern

Casting on lots of stitches.

Keeping track of shaping.

Long Tail Cast On

De-mystifying Charts.

'No stitch' & Varying Stitch Counts.

Four tips for knitting faster.

Weaving In Ends

How to work German Short Rows

How to pick up stitches

Shorten a sleeve